Middelheim Park Antwerpen 29/12/2018

I needed a new clear case cover for my Samsung Galaxy S9. I’m so frightened to drop my cell phone while playing. I searched the internet for the best cover I could find and I think the “X-Doria Defense 360° voor Galaxy S9” is the best case for me, found it at, the only shop that had this in stock was at Wilrijk. So we went to the Krefel in Wilrijk, to pick up my “X-Doria Defense 360 ° for Galaxy S9” and guess what is in the vicinity of the Krefel Wilrijk. Indeed Middelheim Park and we still had some time left and went for a walk in the park.

We ended up doing a Level 5 Raid and this resulted in another Heatran, after that it was family time, our annual Christmas / New Year dinner with the kids and their appendages.

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