Ben is Out for A while

I’m out for awhile, i need to stay in bed and i can’t turn any stop to get presents to send to my Pokémon friends.

Four weeks ago we went to for a dance with Eric & Vicky, a friendly couple that we know. During our visit at the disco, just before starting our dinner I missed a small step, myfoot turns over and got my full weight on it, we all heard a crack.
He climbed on a bar stool and said he was ok, but ever a few minutes he was complaining about pain, we remove his shoe and looked, ankle swollen like hell.
So we decided to drive to the emergency room at Kortrijk, there they diagnosed a 3 double fracture on the ankle, the left foot was only attached with the muscles, operation is needed. They gave us the choice operate in Kortrijk or we will set the ankle here and you go to Mechelen for the operation.
So we opted for the last option, we spent the night in the hotel, Eric, Vicky and Heidi had had breakfast and afterward we rushed of to AZ St’ Maarten Mechelen.

We were lucky that the orthopedic surgeon was already in the emergency room, after looking over the CT scans from hospital Kortrijk, he decided to perform the operation the same day, so an hour later i was on my way to the surgery room.
I was afraid it was the first time that I would be anesthetized.

But everything went OK and I woke up in my room with my beloved Heidi next to me.
A plaster around my lower left leg and it hurt like hell, the surgeon has put my ankle back together with titanium plates and bolts.
After 2 night in the hospital i could go home.

So i got home with the help of a my friend Vero, the drive was very painful, the slightest movement of the car triggered a pain impulse.
During my two days in the hospital, my lovely wife Heidi rearranged the living room and moved our bed in to the living room.

10 days after the operation i needed to go back to the hospital for a checkup.
The nurse removed the plaster and then i needed to wait for the surgeon to check my ankle. He said that a plaster was no longer needed, your ankle is fixed with bolts.
A plaster makes no sense, you just can’t lean or put pressure on your foot, if you do this, the bolt that is in your ankle can break, we will make you a soft-plaster that you can remove of is you go out site you can wear the plaster to protect you ankle.
You just need to rest, put your leg up as much as possible, if higher than your heart.
Take painkiller when needed.
Come back in 4 weeks for a X-ray

Day 10 of lying in bed, I’m bored to death.
Lying in bed with your leg up and watching Netflix or Amazon prime starts getting bored. Ok ounces in a while i can go and chat on B4dating chat, but this also starts to get boring.

Now i need to wait until 12/08 for the next checkup at the hospital.

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