Pikachu in Paris

During the Christmas weekend we (my girlfriend and me) went to Paris.
We left Saturday morning and drove back home on Christmas Day yesterday. We were planning to do some gyms raids, but we left that plan behind, because it was too crowded and on the subway we heard lots of warnings about pickpockets. Nevertheless that your buddy Pikachu, wanted to come out and play, below the adventures of Pikachu in Paris album.

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Mechelen Centrum 20/12/2018

Like most days we went for a walk today. We knew in advance that it would be a good walk, because yesterday we finally realized how Slack# works to participate in group raids, this opens up a whole new dimension in the game play of Pokémon Go.
Yesterday I did not manage to catch a Heatran, but today it manage to catch 2 of those monsters.

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Personal Gym defending record

Last weekend we went to Zeeland, Netherlands and stayed at a nice hotel in Nieuwvliet-Bad, in the evening we also went for a walk, it was very dark while walking to a nearby Gym.
We took over the Gym and went sleeping and the on Sunday we left for Vlissingen to hunt for Pokémon.
A few days ago I discovered that our Pokémons are still in that Gym.
My strongest Dragonite and SuskeLambiek her strongest Pokémon Metagross and now she is complaining everyday.
Peronal record: 11 days

11 days in a gym, so proud

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Middelheim Park Antwerpen 16/12/2018

Today we went back to the MiddelheimPark Antwerpen.
Lots of trainers in the park hunting for Pokémon. While we were parking the car a other trainer told us that there was a level 5 raid starting in 2 minutes. So we hurried up to get there and yes, a Lugia popped out. After some major screen tapping we defeated the Pokémon.

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Middelheim Park Antwerpen 15/12/2018

Last week we ended up in Citadelpark Gent for our Pokémon adventures.
The a trainer told us why do you travel that far when you have Middelheim Park in Antwerpen, the mekka for Pokémon players near Mechelen.

So yesterday we went there and yes this is a mekka for Pokémon Trainers.
So many stops and gyms, you can walk there for hours and spin stops without spinning them twice.
Anyway, we have only been there for a few hours, park closes when it get dark, dammmm winter.

So we walked an spinned stops, did 2 level 5 raids and we met some nice people.
     – I have caught my first Ho-Ohin the first raid.


    – And in the second raid we caught a Cresselia


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