Friendship: How to increase your level fast

Friendship is a terrific new game mechanic in Pokémon Go, but you can only raise your level once a day. So, it’s consistency that counts.

  1. Make sure you Raid, Gym, or Gift with your Friends every day. It takes 30 days to reach Ultra Friend and 90 days to reach Best Friend, status. The fewer days you miss, the faster you’ll level up.
  2. For long distance Friends or Friends you didn’t meet up with during the day, open or send a Gift. (Alternate gifts. Only one gift opening counts, so coordinate only one a day to save on resources and avoid duplication.)
  3. For friends you do see during the day, get in a Gym or a Raid. There’s a limit of 20 gifts you can send or receive, but no limit to Gyms or Raids you can coordinate.


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