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Hi there!

I’m Ben S.

I’m a 3rd level support engineer by day and during the evenings and weekends i’m a Pokémon Go Adventurers. I do this together with my wife HeidiH.

Our trainer names are: wwwBSURINXbe / SuskeLambiek / wwwMisterBSxBE and we are members of Team Valor.

You can contact me via one of the social media links on the website or via the Contact form.

Together with a few colleagues at Airpoty Plaza Diegem we are looking for other Pokémon Go Adventurers to build a raid group for the gym at our location, please contact me!

Team Valor Logo

At the moment I am still setting up this website, this will take a while because I have to work during the day and catch Pokémon during the evenings :p

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