We are Heidi (SuskeLambiek) and Ben (wwwBsurinxBe & wwwMisterBSxBe).
We are both enthusiastic Pokémon Go players / adventurers. Me (Ben) started playing this addictive game in Juni 2016 because a friend Mispy was playing it, soon after Heidi started playing.
I even bought her a new phone because she was too slow to play.
We played this for about a year and the stopt. I started to get bored and at that point Mispy who introduce me to the game was 2 levels behind me, the fun was gone and we stop playing.
Until last November I opened Pokémon Go and saw that Mispy almost caught up with me and soon after he did and was bragging a little bit.
At this point my ego kicked in to fifth gear and I started playing again.
After awhile also Heidi joined me again in these adventurers.
The result is:

  • We are walking everyday 6 a 7 km (catching Pokémon’s, spinning stops, Gym battles and most of all do level 5 Gym raids).
  • Becoming healthier, because of that walking.
  • We losing both weight, because of that walking
  • Every day we getting to know new people.
  • I’m 3 levers above Mispy
  • But most of all we are having fun.

On 22/11 I started a second account (wwwmisterbsxbe), just to see how much time will it take me to get an account up to level 30?
It took me exact one month to get there. In the mean time i’m almost level 34.

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